One place for news, live scores and discussions for all the clubs you follow.

TheFutbolApp by pandaHAUS brings the Clubs you follow into laser focus. Each Club has a dedicated area within the app serving as "an app within the app" containing social sharing, private and public discussions, predictions competitions, club and player data and lightning fast news from many sources. You can switch between the clubs you follow with a single click.

You will also find live scores and match discussions for 6000+ teams around the world, and a unique points for predictions game with ability to convert earned points into TheFutbolCoin (TFC) token. You can buy things in our store with TFC, send it to your friends within the app or donate TFC to a young aspiring football player who needs financial help.

Our Ecosystem:
Features and Benefits

TheFutbolApp by pandaHAUS enables an “app within the app” for each football club that the fan supports. This “app within the app” contains news from many newspaper sources, websites and social sites, and makes reading and commenting on the news easy, fast and fun. Each “app within the app” has a social area similar to instagram and facebook where fans of the club can socially interact with other fans and players from that club.

All important data for the club (fixtures, live scores, squad, statistics) can be found within the “app within the app” for each club. Each “app within the app” has data interactive discussion rooms and match discussion rooms with predictions leagues and video highlights. And the user can switch between “apps within the app” with a single click, making it easy and instant to toggle between the four clubs they follow on average. The fan can also see league wide data and news, and live scores for over 6000+ clubs in the live score section of the app. So everything the fan would want is within TheFutbolApp by pandaHAUS, easy to use and fun and engaging.
TheFutbolApp implements a secure double factor authentication player-coach discussion room within the app with additional benefit of being able to add events (next match, practice time and location, travel instructions).
All fans auto follow ALL players from the club in the social area of each Club within TheFutbolApp. And existing instagram accounts can be auto fed into the app, so they do not have to post content twice.

TheFutbolApp by pandaHAUS also brings the semi-pro players into the spotlight by letting them list themselves in the app and add video highlights, accomplishments and statistics.
With TheFutbolApp by pandaHAUS partner program, Clubs promote the app to their fans in exchange for administrative rights to their “app within the app” and also get an allocation of free ad space that they can sell to their large advertisers.

For semi-pro and recreational clubs TheFutbolApp by pandaHAUS provides an easy to use interface for adding live scores from mobile during the match and adding video highlights direct from phone from people at the match (parents, friends or coaches). These live scores appear in the live score section of the app, giving the club visibility and providing native notifications of goals and events to people who follow the club (parents, relatives, friends, players from other teams in the league that are interested in the outcome of games in their league).
TheFutbolApp by pandaHAUS lets large advertisers reach fans of specific football clubs in specific geographies with clickable banners, instagram style autoplaying video ads with “Shop now” or “Learn more” buttons, and much more.

TheFutbolApp by pandaHAUS has small business advertising packages that are affordable and which reach the desired audience in the desired geography. The system is turnkey and easy to use, so the small business can simply place a banner ad from the web using their credit card to pay in minutes and see simple play reports within the app and on the web via our reporting console.

How will TFC be used in
TheFutbolApp by pandaHAUS ecosystem?

  • To buy goods in our store using TFC at significant discounts. Advertisers provide goods to the store to get publicity and tokens
  • To buy tickets with one touch instantly electronically delivered inside TheFutbolApp
  • To advertise to TheFutbolApp community advertisers must pay for ads with TFC
  • Users can donate TFC to young athletes via our crowdfunding within TheFutbolApp
  • Giving businesses a great way to attract new customers from our TFA user base by listing themselves in our TFC wallet and accepting a limited number of TFC per month in exchange for goods and services
  • Giving football clubs and instant one touch way to sell tickets to games and merchandise
  • Giving amateur football teams an easy way to collect fees and dues from players or their parents
  • Allowing all participants in the community the power of peer to peer token exchange

Our in-app Wallet

  • Every user of TheFutbolApp is automatically given a secure TFC wallet
  • This wallet has dual factor authentication
  • Each validated user gets 5 TFC for activating their wallet.
  • Wallet activation requires that the user validate via mobile or social media
  • TFC can be easily sent and received within the app or to outside Stellar wallets

How do I get TFC tokens?

Inviting people

Invite your friends into the app.

User growth pool

Providing value to community through useful posts, running a chat room or making winning predictions.

Store listing

Accept TFC at your place of business

Accept TFC

Accept a limited amount of TFC at your business via our e-pay system

Our Team

George Kafkarkou

Chairman and co-founder

George has more than 30 years experience in the software industry. Executive and General Management leadership positions in multiple geographies, full P&L responsibility, strategy, entrepreneurial and creative spirit, broad RTM experience (VARs, Distribution, OEMs, Direct, SIs etc.), Sales and Marketing Management, Field Sales, Engineering, Support and QA.

Steve Van Zutphen

CEO and co-founder

Steve is a musician, lawyer, product designer and system architect. He is a University of Maryland graduate and resides in Cyprus with his wife and children. He is the data architect and founder of the Converged Object Relationship Engine (CORE), a sophisticated data engine with a logical data model based on the geometry of platonic solids and multiple patent holder.

Shoong Lim Lee, James


Mr. Shoong Lim Lee, James, has been the Managing Director of AMG since August of 2005. Mr. Lee has been the President at AMG Bioenergy Resources Holdings Ltd. since April 26, 2010 and also serves as its Managing Director. Mr. Lim is responsible for carrying out the strategic plans and policies as established by the board of directors and oversees the day to day operations of AMG. Mr. Lee was the Founder and Managing Director of AMG Capital Private Limited since June 2002. Mr. Lee was an Assistant Vice President of ABN AMRO Bank Group ("ABN") from October 1999 to March 2001 and an Assistant Vice President of HSBC Investment Bank P/C ("HSBC IB") in Singapore. Mr. Lim is a full time employee of AMG and devotes 100% of his time to AMG. He has been a Director of AMG Bioenergy Resources Holdings Ltd. since April 26, 2010. Mr. Lee received a Bachelor of Accountancy from Nanyang Technological University in 1993.

Greg Hansen


Founder, Investor and Advisor to the CEO of Elite Tech HK/Envisage. Envisage is Southeast Asia's prime data and visual analysis social enterprise for conflict and social reform. Mr. Greg Hansen’s previous experience is in Corporate Finance and Merchant Banking, Governmental Affairs and International Trade. Mr. Hansen has been working with ENVISAGE for the past 5 years. He leads the organization’s work in visualizing complex relationships in the business and economic sectors. He has spent most of his career as an investor, focused on advising companies in financial structuring for listings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In 1999 he was a founder, with the former President of Microsoft Asia, in the FXA Group of Companies in Hong Kong. FXA is a IBM Solutions partner and global provider of food traceability software solutions. Prior he was also the Chief of Staff to the Deputy Premier, Ministers of Justice, Solicitor General, Government Reorganization and Intergovernmental Affairs of Alberta from January, 1992 until August, 1995. Greg has been an independent non-executive board member Public Companies in Canada and Private Companies in Hong Kong.

Timothy Tso

CSO (Chief Strategic Officer)

Mr. Tso has extensive experience over the past decade investing in various businesses and sectors, including food and beverage, security trading and real estate in Hong Kong and overseas such as Spain, Belgium, France and the PRC. He also participated in a few pre-IPO investments in the initial public offering of companies on the stock exchange of Hong Kong. Besides, he involved in a number of corporate financing activities as well. His recent investments focus on fast-growing technology, transportation and consumer services sectors, which are emerging new economy growth drivers. With a vision to develop a sustainable, integrated and prosperous business practice, he has achieved a business ecosystem with global platform and local leverage.

John Binns

VP, Product Manager

Experienced in commercial software product development with technical leadership and senior management of software engineering, quality assurance, product management, technical support and consulting. My experience includes startups and participating in a successful IPO. John also has 20+ years experience in Artificial Intelligence, and was a co-founder of an AI company.

Grigoris Yioutanis

Full Stack Engineer

Grigoris is a senior full stack developer with significant expertise in java, API development, system design, Android development and team management. He resides in Cyprus with his wife and 3 children. He has been lead project engineer on over a dozen projects in the last 10 years.

Armands Graube

Full Stack Engineer

Over the years I have acquired extensive knowledge of different java and related open source tools, libraries and servers. I've been involved in all of the system development phases – analysis, development, testing, optimization as well as application deployment and maintenance.


Jesper Fredberg

Jesper is a UEFA Pro License holder, former Head Coach of AGF Fodbold and current Technical Director of AC Omonia. Jesper was former auditor at Double PASS Ltd., a World Leading Company in Club and Talent Development. He brings a wealth of community building talent to the team.

Judan Ali

Brand Ambassador

Judan Ali, a former professional footballer for Arsenal F.C. a Barcelona Scholar, former Head of Elite Player Development of the Chinese Taipei National Team, Coach at the 2 top clubs in Hong Kong, Kitchee and Eastern SC. Head Coach of the Indonesian Army team and Technical Director of Persela Lamongan in the Indonesian Super League. Judan is the first professional football coach to hold the EPPP ( Elite Player Performance Plan ) coaching certification outside of England. Judan Ali has proven time and time again that you can with a minimum financial contribution turn average footballers into "World Class Talent"